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Latest Articles

Call ASP.NET Core Web API and Minimal API using fetch() -- Part 1
In the previous article we learned how to invoke ASP.NET Core MVC actions using JavaScript fetch(). Now it's time to see how Web APIs and Minimal APIs can be invoked using fetch().
Posted On : 27 Mar 2023
CRUD using fetch() and ASP.NET Core MVC
In the previous article we completed the Razor Pages example that uses fetch() to perform CRUD operations. You can use the same technique to call ASP.NET Core MVC controller actions. In this article we will migrate our Razor Pages code to MVC.
Posted On : 13 Mar 2023
CRUD using fetch() and Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core -- Part 2
In the previous article we created various page handlers that are supposed to be called from the client side script using fetch() method. Now it's time to build the UI by adding the fetch() calls and client side event handlers.
Posted On : 20 Feb 2023
CRUD using fetch() and Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core -- Part 1
In the previous article we discussed the basics of the browser's fetch() API. We also fetched HTML page from the server using GET verb. Now it's time to do something more interesting -- CRUD operations using fetch() and Razor Pages.
Posted On : 31 Jan 2023
Learn to fetch() resources in ASP.NET Core
Making Ajax requests from the client side JavaScript code to the server side resources is extremely common requirement in web applications. Traditionally developers used XMLHttpRequest (XHR) object to accomplish this task. Although you can continue to use XHR there is a better alternative - Fetch API.
Posted On : 15 Jan 2023
Perform Bulk Updates and Deletes in Entity Framework Core
If you are keeping an eye on the new features of EF Core 7, you are probably aware that it includes what is known as Bulk Updates. To that end, this article discusses what bulk updates are and how to use them in your ASP.NET Core applications.
Posted On : 05 Dec 2022
Execute queries and stored procedures using Dapper in ASP.NET Core
In the last few articles we have discussed how ADO.NET data provider classes such as connection, command, and data reader can be used to execute queries. This approach gives total control over the queries we execute and it's also good in terms of performance. However, it requires you to write good amount of code. Won't it be nice if there some way to reduce this mapping code? That' where Dapper can come handy. In this article we will learn to use Dapper in ASP.NET Core apps.
Posted On : 14 Nov 2022
Use Microsoft.Data.SqlClient classes with Entity Framework Core
In the previous article we learned to execute stored procedures using SqlCommand and SqlParameter classes. In the examples we developed so far, we used data provider classes directly for all the operations. We didn't use Entity Framework Core at all. What if your application wants to use EF Core? Can we use EF Core and plain data provider objects hand-in-hand? That's what we are going to discuss in this article.
Posted On : 24 Oct 2022
Execute Stored Procedures using SqlCommand in ASP.NET Core
In the previous article we developed a Razor Pages app that provides the UI for performing CRUD operations using the CustomerRepository. It would be worthwhile to know how stored procedures can be called using SqlCommand object. That's what we are going to cover in this article.
Posted On : 26 Sep 2022
Create Razor Pages app that uses Customer Repository
In the previous article we completed the CustomerRepository class that performs CRUD operations on the Customers table. Now it's time to use the CustomerRepository in a Razor Pages application so that we can test the CRUD operations from the browser.
Posted On : 12 Sep 2022